“Hey Detective! Relax! I just want to earn some extra tips. Anyway, Arkmid has indeed helped me .”


“China overall industries continue to grow. By 2020, the market size of Chinese technical service industry is expected to reach 1.3 trillion US dollars. Arkmid could turn your expertise into wealth. What are you waiting for?!”

Technology Licensing Officer

“That’s great! I know of many professors, available engineers, and subject matter experts. I also have channels to attain patents, dissertations and training programs from universities and various companies. Arkmid truly is an excellent platform in promoting technologies.”


Arkmid (arkmid.com) is the first of its kind that introduces, propagates and transfers the world leading technologies to the Chinese market. Benefits can be obtained from:

  • Uploading your patents or dissertations, and a portion of downloading charge will be paid to you
  • Licensing or transferring your patents or technical solutions to Chinese companies
  • Collaborating with Chinese corporations in technical level
  • Recommending experts to Chinese companies and make profit from it

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